Red de dino

Red de dino (Save the dino) was a group project I was a part of. The concept we thought of together. The visualisation and programming part was a single project. For the exhibition: Dino Jaws, in the Museon (The Hague), we made concept to attrack more people to the exhibition. We made the game Red de dino (Save the dino). You can win a prize which you can pick up at the Museon.

The game is simple: make the dinosaur egg break and hatch into a baby dinosaur: a carnivore or a herbivorous. You need to feed him, if you give him the right food it will grow up. If the dinosaur is fully grown you'll get a code so you can pick up your prize.

Paper prototype:

Tools, for the indivisual part: sketching, prototyping, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, jQuery