Pinch & Draw

For the course Human Computer Interaction (HCI) we were going with all the second years students of CMD to the Dutch Innovation Factory (DIF). This is an annex of The Hague University. We were working in groups on different subjects: Computer Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearables and Artificial Creatures. Mine group were making something with the subject Augmented and Virtual Reality. After two weeks of hard work we presented Pinch & Draw at the final exhibition.

Pinch & Draw; Making art with your hands in our virual world.

Before we did go to the DIF we made assignments (individually) at school. With the goal to get to know each subject. All the assignments and the Pinch & Draw project are described at my HCI website, which is written in Dutch.

Tools end result: Unity, Leap Motion, beamer, Illustrator, origami
Explored with: Oculus Rift, Processing, Arduino